Bamboo Flooring

When it comes to selecting a bamboo floor, you need to consider the application and the product.
Bamboo flooring is available in Strand, Vertical and Horizontal. Originally, bamboo flooring was primarily natural or bleached and carmel or carbonized. Now, you can find bamboo floors in just about any color you wish.

When searching for Bamboo Flooring, be sure to locate a reputable source. Many companies are importing junk and promising the moon for a warranty.

My advice is to throw out the warranty. If something does go wrong with the product, you’ll quickly learn why the manufacturer or dealer will not be honoring the warranty. It has been stated that 92% of flooring problems are installer related, meaning that the seller has determined they are not at fault, the installer is at fault.

Why do I dislike the warranty? Quite simply, customers routinely fall prey to sellers promoting their product by touting a long warranty instead of promoting quality and brand name.

Here’s the number one thing you must do before buying any flooring (especially bamboo)
Find the same identical product in another store. That will prove that it’s not a cheap store brand.
Also you can search online for the brand and most likely it doesn’t exist.

Many home improvement stores, liquidators, eco stores can’t compete with their huge overhead and poor knowledge. These chains or larger stores turn to oversea’s factories to get lower cost material and have it packaged and label as they wish. These are referred to as private label store brands.

Store brands typically (for legal reasons I must state, not always) are products that are purchased on the very low cost side or cheap. But the packaging and statements, warranites and information are top shelf, creating a false image.

Just for your own information, quality companies like Sony or Nike would never allow their products to be sold under a false or private label. The reason we buy these brands is because it’s how we determine quality.

Make sure the store you are buying from does installations themselves.
Stores that sell junk tend to only refer installers or give out lists of installers.
My experience is if you have to install it for your customer, be sure to only buy decent product.

If I have to be legally responsible in a court of law for the installation, I am not going to sell private labeled or no brand flooring. I am going to sell proven brand name products.

Think about that, I install $1,000 of flooring and the installation goes bad, I don’t just eat the $1,000, I eat the costs to tear out the junk and pay to have the new reinstalled. In addition to that, other expenses I may incur now that you have a house full of furniture, include moving your furniture, fish tanks, piano and so on. Smart business owners don’t sell junk, it’s to expensive.

When you purchase a brand name product like, Teragren Bamboo Flooring and have the seller actually do the installation, theirs no finger pointing, you simply tell the seller I don’t care if the flooring you sold me is bad or the installer you used is bad. It was sold by you and you hired the subcontractor, Fix it!

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