Patio Furniture Protection Tips For Every Winter

Many houses have patios with furniture where the family can sit down and relax to enjoy the weather outdoors during summer time. It is the perfect hangout to unwind alone or with someone. But as the weather changes, there are factors that can damage your patio furniture such as rain, snow or if it’s too humid outdoors. Most of us don’t know how to protect these furniture pieces from getting damaged.

And so, to help you with this problem, here’s a guide on how to ascertain that your garden furniture will continue to be in good shape during all winter season and beyond.

It is important that you know the needs of your garden furniture according to its material. Patio furniture is made of many quality materials such as metal, fiberglass, different kinds of wood and many others. All of these have specific care tips that are unique from each other. What can work with fiber glass does not work usually with plastic and contrariwise.

Furniture items made of real wood are the ones that can be easily ruined because of what winter brings along. The trick here for you to be able to save your wooden furniture is to use a good quality plastic cover and drape it around the items; this way the water will just slide down from the cover and will not touch the furniture. You can remove it when winter is over, of course. Also, you can put these furnitures in gazebos or any covered rooms where your piece won’t be exposed to humidity, very dry air and snow.

Plastic furniture is economical and that’s why it is popular with homeowners. It usually costs less than hard wood. But it can be fragile during winter. The snow can damage it and it breaks it easily so it has to be kept inside where it will be covered against very cold weather.

If your metal furniture isn’t stainless steel it can be damaged when left outdoors during cold winters. Metal and water will never go together. When your metal item are exposed to snow, which is basically water when melted, it will start to rust and then deteriorate rendering it useless. What you can do is either bring it indoors or coat it gently with some protective strip which is available in hardware stores so that rust won’t touch it.